Richard Youle, Evening Post, 19th October 2006, page 3

Wanted - German student seeks Welsh family for Sunday roast.

Well, 22 roasts if possible. Confused? Rebecca Carl is studying a Masters degree in Visual Communication at Swansea Institute. Her new project involves tucking into home-cooked Sunday roasts. And there are 22 Sundays left between now and her graduation in June. But she needs some local families to take part.

Don't worry, Rebecca won't just fill her boots with roast beef and then bolt for the door. She plans to arrive early and study how the food is prepared, who prepares it and how the family interacts. She will take photographs and tape conversations - all to appear, with permission, on a website and hopefully in a new book.

Twist her arm, she might even help with the washing up. "My goal is to get around 10 families to take part," said the 26-year-old. "Back in Germany, Sunday lunch is nothing special. Here it is traditional. "But it's not just about the food, it's about the communication, and the pictures. "These things are important to me."

In many households men dominate the meat roasting process. According to a Tesco survey, 70 per cent took care of the meat, while 65 per cent of women dealt with the veg. And carving? Ladies stand aside - 85 per cent of men slice and dice.

Rebecca is enjoying her second stint in the city after studying photography at the institute three years ago.

She said: "I like it here in Swansea. The people are more open and communicative than in Germany." "I want to stay here and do a PhD." "It is my dream after that to become a lecturer."

Some readers may already recognise Rebecca, who comes from Leipzig.
One of her recent projects involved walking around markets and photographing people chatting. And here's a tip, if you're happy to take up her offer and invite her to your house. "My favourite Sunday lunch is roast lamb," she said.

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